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Materials for a low carbon future

We produce essential ingredients to help industries all over the world get to net-zero emissions, faster.
We do this in two dynamic ways.

First, our carbon-capture technology means industrial plants, large and small, can rapidly reduce their direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with tailored solutions that minimise disruption to operations. 

Second, with our range of high-quality low-emission materials, industries can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and transition to environmentally friendly alternatives to significantly reduce their total carbon footprint.

Together, our solutions mean rapid, safe and long-lasting industrial decarbonisation is within reach.


Nature provides the solution.
We accelerate it.

Years of research and development led us to create a solution inspired by nature’s ability to capture and store carbon dioxide, permanently. The result is a simple, elegant solution to a very complicated problem.

Our process begins with the most common rock on the planet. These rocks have a simple composition: mainly magnesium, silica and iron. We isolate the magnesium, which has a proven ability to rapidly capture carbon dioxide. Through the same process, iron, silica and hydrogen are made available, creating low-emissions ingredients so essential to the world’s continued progress.

This is nature working at the speed of humanity.


The bedrock of our future

We use rocks to capture carbon and produce our low-emissions materials. These rocks are rich in magnesium, silica and iron but have no inherent carbon.


A variety of rocks have these essential minerals within, but we’ve focused on olivine-rich rocks as they are found in abundance all over the world, providing a greater distribution of opportunity for communities across the globe to sequester carbon. 

Most olivine rock available today has been exposed through existing mining operations, set aside as a low-value waste by-product. It’s a real-life example of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure.


We're making the best use possible of what nature has provided.

Circular by design

For us, zero-waste is non-negotiable. When we work with nature to solve the climate emergency, we do it with the utmost respect. So, the top priority in our approach is to do no further harm to the planet. Our process to unlock these essential ingredients from rock also ensures any heavy metals present are removed safely and never released into the environment.

AspiringMaterials Circular production graphic

Make a low-carbon future the reality

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