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Construction Workers at Sunset

Materials made for change

Development is integral to raising global living standards, but it must be sustainable. We produce materials essential to commodities like steel, concrete and energy that deliver the same quality as traditional methods, but without the high-carbon footprint.

Explore our range of high-quality, high-purity,
low-emissions materials 

No waste, all gain

Produced as part of our carbon-capture process, these low-emissions materials are an elegant outcome of our commitment to zero waste.  From agriculture to energy, steel to concrete, our low-emissions materials are circuit breakers to the emissions-intensive extraction and synthetic manufacturing cycle that underpins the world’s development.

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We carefully extract impurities, producing carbon-free materials that perform as well as their high-carbon counterparts.

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A closed-loop process with hydrogen created during the electrolysis, our materials produced have no embodied carbon. 


Sustainable development in the making

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