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An unexpected encounter

Aspiring Materials began through a chance night out between two new dads who just needed a good night's sleep. The only place they felt they could get that? Mars, of course. 

A collaborative brainstorm followed, evolving into years of research and development to create Martian materials for liveable, resilient structures on a planet far, far from here. 


Forget Moonshots; this was bigger and bolder.


But these creators of the Martian material Marscrete soon realised that pursuing the improbable was not about the necessity to make Mars habitable, but to keep Earth in balance for humanity’s survival. 


Their unwillingness to let known limitations get in the way of potential possibilities is the ethos upon which they founded ​Aspiring Materials. 


Today, our team is bigger, with people drawn together by the priority to correct the present course of humanity. These plucky, bold thinkers could have chosen well-worn, comfortable pathways in the science, engineering and business spheres. But doing things the same way as before is not what they aspire to. That thinking is why the world is where it is.


Everyday, our team is confronting the biggest crises this planet has faced. And every day we ask ourselves, what else can we do, how far can we go? 


We’re not satisfied to just curb emissions: we don’t want to push the problem out further into the future. We strive to create the most sound, holistic, long-lasting solution we can. And we will not stop until we have achieved that.   


We are decarbonising industry. Today, tomorrow and into the future. 

Read about our early research into Marscrete in our scientific publications.

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