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A fresh new look for Aspiring Materials

We’re in the business of shaking up the status quo. So it’s only right that we shake ourselves up a little too.

We’re proud to unveil a fresh new look for Aspiring Materials. It’s a sign of the momentum we’re gaining to zero out carbon dioxide emissions from essential industries, here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the world.

Graphical logo in the shape of Mt Aspiring/ Tititea in bright green, with the company name Aspiring Materials in a dark purple
Our new logo represents a gear shift in our progress

A journey to the top

When we thought about redesigning our brand, how we look needed to reflect the evolution of our journey. 

All of us at Aspiring Materials have deeply personal connections to the natural world. Some of us are mountaineers, some skiers, trampers, hikers, mountain bikers. Out in nature is where we find balance and experience the raw joy of just being alive.

Our name hails from the awesome Mt Aspiring/ Tititea, a majestic mountain rising from the precious wilderness in New Zealand’s South Island. 

Dr Chris Oze and Megan Danczyk look out across the ranges to Mt Aspiring/ Tititea in the distance
Mt Aspiring stands as a bastion for our commitment to environmental protection


The grandeur of that mountain reminds us of what we are working so hard to protect; wild, awe-inspiring environments that, despite their massive presence, can also be heart-breakingly fragile.


So when we embarked on a refresh of how we look, we had to hold onto the mountain.

Our new logo is also emblematic of our beginnings as curious geologists. And it is representative of our unwavering commitment to use nature-inspired solutions to transform not only the rocks we use, but the essential industries we serve, and massively reduce carbon emissions.

Portrait photo of Chris Oze
Dr Chris Oze, Co-Founder of Aspiring Materials
“When I co-founded Aspiring Materials, front and centre was our aspiration to turn the groundbreaking science we had developed into a solution that offers large-scale change. Now, with our science proven, this new look lays the foundation for our next step; scaling our CO2 decarbonisation tech to industrial capacity, and rapidly reducing CO2 levels in our atmosphere.” - Dr Chris Oze, Principal Scientist and Co-Founder of Aspiring Materials.

Partnerships are everything

While we’re dedicated to redesigning industrial impact on the environment, we’re self-aware enough to know we’re not visual designers. 

That’s why we were grateful to partner with Georgia Sigglekow, owner of design studio Plantation, who brought her expertise and keen eye to this important step for us.

Portrait photo of Georgia Sigglekow
Georgia Sigglekow, Design Director and owner at Plantation
"Finding the right design ‘voice’ for Aspiring Materials was a collaborative process. What started as a design revolution, turned into an evolution, where our journey revealed that the mountain and link to the natural world needed to be forefront. The abstract Mt Aspiring symbol has scientific precision and dynamism, and the colour palette is progressive and bold, values inherent to Aspiring Materials." - Georgia Sigglekow, Design Director & Owner at Plantation

Georgia had sensitivity to our story and our values but also challenged us with completely new concepts we would have never thought of. That process helped us to reaffirm that it is the symbol of the mountain that we feel most connected to.

New look, same aspirations. 

At Aspiring Materials we are poised for transformation. 

The year ahead will bring momentum that will ripple beyond our South Pacific shores and across industry through partnerships with leading manufacturers. 

It’s going to be an exhilarating ride. 

Most of all, it’ll provide the assurance we all need; that a low-carbon future can be our reality.

So, get to know this new look of ours. It represents one of the most important planet-saving solutions of our time.

Keen to follow our journey to decarbonise essential industries and bring down atmospheric CO2 levels? Add Aspiring Materials to your favourite social feed or drop us a line to sign up to our newsletter.


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