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Building a low carbon future  

We accelerate Earth’s processes to create sustainable materials that decarbonise industry and make the goal of net-zero emissions our reality.

For a world where no one is left behind, we need sustainable development. The challenge lies in how to sustain that development without emissions or further harm to the planet. 


We’ve taken that challenge on, creating essential ingredients that will make industrial decarbonisation achievable.
Our carbon-capture technology is permanent and safe and can be used for direct-air or point-source capture.
Our low-emissions materials are targeted to displace emissions-intensive commodities and reduce the overall industrial carbon footprint.


All using a rock.

Watch how we do it


“We're unlocking nature's power to capture carbon,
but we're doing it at an accelerated timescale.
This is exactly what the world needs right now.”

Megan Danczyk, Chemical Process Engineer - Aspiring Materials

The latest from us

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CEO Mark Chadderton speaks about why Aspiring Materials stands apart from all other available carbon sequestration technologies.

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Our co-founders have been named as fellows for Breakthrough Energy, an initiative started by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

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Aspiring Materials selected as one of 10 cutting edge cleantech businesses set to revolutionise the energy industry.

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