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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention

A dad's night out started like any other. A movie. A few drinks at the pub. Discussing the fun and challenges of being a parent. Having young kids is rough. What would it take to get a full eight hours' rest? Maybe if we went to Mars we could sleep without fear of being roused in the middle of the night for one thing or another . . .

It's true. The idea for our company sprouted from our brainstorming as we joked about how we might create construction materials on Mars for our hypothetical dwelling. From that initial idea, we figured out how to recreate Martian regolith; process the regolith to make a viable construction material; and test our material over years of trials. Only then did we realize that this technology would also work here at home and with promising implications for a  new way to combat climate change on Earth.

The possibilities and limitations of Mars helped us to break away from conventional Earth approaches and try things a little more alien. Truth be told, this company is the culmination of over a decade of pursuing the improbable with the hope that everyone would see a cooler future.

Yes, the puns were intentional. No, we still haven't had a good night's sleep.

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